Denneroll Posture Regainer

To reduce posterior thoracic translation and anterior head posture while increasing cervical lordosis, one must push and one must pull.


Normal Posture

Normal posture of the human neck and rib-cage from the side should be vertical alignment with natural curvatures of the spine in the neck and rib-cage  See Figure below. With abnormal posture (Figures below) the balance is upset. Vertical alignment is off kilter, and the curvature of the spine departs from its proper angles and shape. Abnormality generates amplified and detrimental forces on the postural muscles, spinal ligaments and discs, nerves, bones, and even the internal organs in the chest and abdominal cavities.

The Denneroll Posture Regainer

The Denneroll Posture Regainer device as developed to correct forward head posture, abnormal rib-cage alignment, and altered spine curvature. Its unique design provides an effective corrective push-pull-stretch that assists in the reduction of the following combined abnormal posture configuration: Altered cervical Lordosis with anterior head translation and posterior thoracic translation / mild increase in thoracic kyphosis. This DENNEROLL Posture Regainer system can assist in relief of pain, muscle tension and improved health; and its design allows for easy transportation. This simple system offers a professional look, durability, and functionality.

The Denneroll Posture Regainer support base has been uniquely contoured to properly support and position the rib-cage while on the unit. Its unique design assists in the reduction of posterior thoracic cage translation in combination with an increased thoracic kyphosis, anterior head posture, and reduced cervical lordosis.

The main features of this Denneroll Compression Extension System include and allow for:
• Contoured thoracic and lumbar base for patient comfort and for a consistent placement of the unit.
• Note that changing the apex of the Thoracic spine contact with the peak of the device allows customized fit to the individual patient’s needs and their spine.
• High quality non-slip compression band allows for customized tension with an easily adjustable slide through and professional looking and durable aluminum support bar at the base of the unit.

The recommended types of patient cases and presentation for this orthotic system include (for more information –DOCTORS ONLY– please email us and ask for the user instruction guide):
• Significant Posterior thoracic translation relative to the pelvis,
• Increased mid and/or upper thoracic kyphosis,
• Anterior head posture greater than 25mm (approximately),
• Loss of the normal cervical lordosis with an increased C7 posterior body tangent angle relative to vertical (refer to the CBP ideal spine model values in user instruction guide),
• Rounded-protracted shoulder girdle and scapular region.


Denneroll POSTURE REGAINER System Figures and Possible Uses to Aid User Understanding

Figure 1. Patient setup with POSTURE REGAINER in the upper thoracic spine. This causes considerable thoracic flexion and thus assists in correction of thoracic extension postures with flexion / translation of the head and loss of the cervical lordosis. Also rounded-protracted shoulders would benefit some from this set up.

Figure 2. POSTURE REGAINER Patient setup for a mid-thoracic (T6) contact. This setup assist correction of posterior thoracic translation postures with thoracic hyper-kyphosis. It causes considerable anterior thoracic translation. Also, this setup will reduce forward head translation and effectively increase the cervical lordosis. Last, rounded-protracted shoulders would benefit from this corrective position.



When lying on the Denneroll, it is best to keep your legs flat for the most effect on the Lumbar spine. However, at first for patient comfort and tolerance, the knees can be bent.

WARNING: Certain conditions can contribute to increased risk of injury during cervical extension traction. If you experience any unusual symptoms including, but not limited to; increased pain, dizziness, headache, nausea, numbness, visual disturbances, muscle weakness, loss of coordination or function, please consult your spinal health professional before further use.

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