Long standing research shows the benefits of an ideal spinal curve. Presenting in varying degrees of severity, reduced cervical lordosis and forward head carriage causes adverse nerve function and muscle tension.

effectiveness-img1Normal Cervical Lordosis

effectiveness-img2Reversed Cervical Lordosis


The Effect

The design of the Cervical Denneroll allows you to target the entire cervical spine. The allows you to choose to effect the area which is needed the most.

With many studies of the Cervical Denneroll showing it effectiveness, the combined effectiveness and comfort of the Denneroll Products are making this product widely accepted, and second to none in spinal orthotics. These functional x-rays show the effect of the Cervical Denneroll.






effectiveness-img4Denneroll C4 placement

The localized effects of the Denneroll peak are highlighted in these different placements of the Cervical Denneroll. Note the lower placement creates more posterior head translation


Thoracic Denneroll Design

Studies of the Thoracic Denneroll are showing consistent reproducible results. The benefits correlate with the Denneroll fulcrum placement.

in traction 2Neutral Lateral X-ray



In-traction x-rays values show the greatest change at the area of Thoracic Denneroll placement.


effectiveness-img6Traction X-ray


Post neutral lateral spinal

Post neutral lateral spinal x-ray changes also show the greatest improvements in the area of Thoracic Denneroll placement.

effectiveness-img7Pre – Post Lateral Neutral X-Ray Changes