Three Versions Available:

Red Easy pull: 20 lbs. For very petite adults, seniors, and children with reduced strength

Blue Medium pull: 25 lbs. For average adult females and smaller males

Green Strong pull: 35 lbs. For most adult males and stronger adult females

The Pro-Lordotic Neck Exercisers come with a 3 month warranty from date of purchase.

The Pro-Lordotic Neck Exerciser is a progressive resistance neck exercise device that tractions the normal lordosis into the cervical spine while active extension exercises of the entire cervical spine are performed during the five minute, structural/postural corrective, home or in-office treatment session.

This is the only home exercise device to apply a strong rehabilitative stretching of the anterior cervical structures. This helps to stretch out thinning degenerated discs, breaking-up scar tissue and allowing them to absorb surrounding blood and re-hydrate. It can also be used to strengthen the important deep anterior cranial-cervical flexors, which research has shown will improve head posture and reduce chronic neck pain and headache.