The Lumbar ScoliRoll

scolirollScoliRoll® is a scoliosis treatment aid developed by Denneroll Industries and ScoliCare. It is a unique device which can be used as an adjunct to other scoliosis therapies such as specific exercise programs and rigid or dynamic bracing. The patented Denneroll peak creates a specific bending moment, de-rotating and straightening the scoliosis. This allows for muscle and ligament stretch and also creates the opportunity for spinal stabilization exercises while the scoliosis is in a straightened position.

ScoliRoll® can also be used as a diagnostic tool to assess the amount of flexibility in a scoliosis curve. This gives the scoliosis clinician an indication of how much curve correction might be achieved with scoliosis rehabilitation or bracing. The Lumbar ScoliRoll® is designed for use with lumbar and some thoraco-lumbar scoliosis curves.

How Does it work?

scoliosisUsing the patented Denneroll peak, the ScoliRoll® aids in:
• Curve Straightening
• De-rotation of the spine
• Ligament Stretch (especially useful for patients with stiff scoliosis curves to improve spinal flexibility)