3D Denneroll System Effectively addresses all regions of the Spine simultaneously in the Saggital and Coronal Plane. This in office traction table system is simple to use and consists of a system of alternating blocks of different sizes to create translations and rotations of the ribcage relative to the pelvis and head relative to the ribcage. Combine the blocks with the custom designed cervical and lumbar Dennerolls and you can create multiple full spine and regional mirror image setups. This in office system compliments the patients home care using the Denneroll home orthotics. You can treat more advanced cases by combining in office traction methods with the home based orthotics.


Side lying

Product includes the following:

- Table and foot stool
- Blocks and straps necessary for most setups
- Custom cervical and lumbar denneroll orthotic inserts

Table dimensions

Main Table : 645mm (w) x 1100mm (d) x 668mm (h) – Including main cushions approx. 26in wide;     44in long 26.75 in height

                                Foot Stool: 470mm (w) x 425mm (d) x 668mm (h) – Including top cushion approx. 19in wide; 17in long 26.75 in height.

Note – It is advised to purchase a set of 3 blocks to accommodate some of the positions and a Thoracic Denneroll.