Paul’s Journey of Chiropractic Care

Paul’s journey of chiropractic care has been a beneficial one receiving improvements in his health from chiropractic adjustments. So much so, that Paul had adopted regular ‘maintenance’ care and has continued care for the past 15 months. However 3 months ago, he approached corrective chiropractic as part of his health care was to combat physical stresses related from his posture. Paul had strong forward head carriage and a very increased thoracic kyphosis which had not changed under his year of regular maintenance adjustments.

It was decided that Paul’s main postural concern was the increase in his thoracic kyphosis so he began home traction on the Thoracic Denneroll with supportive thoracic extension exercises, and after 1 week Paul began in-office Thoracic traction on the Denneroll table to maximize his traction benefits.

Although Paul had received regular chiropractic adjustments for one year, his thoracic hyper-kyphosis was still present and highlighted by his inflexibility to extend in the thoracic spine. When he began to use the Thoracic Denneroll, his head could not rest near the ground and his head had to be supported by cushions during use.

After 2 weeks Paul’s extension flexibility had dramatically improved as his head could now remarkably rest on the ground during traction on the Denneroll table. It was then decided to perform a post traction x-ray (within 5 minutes after traction) to help us understand the immediate effects of the traction on his thoracic spine. The x-ray showed dramatic improvements immediately post traction. It was then noted that improving his muscle strength to support his thoracic extension was vital in maintaining the benefits of his thoracic extension traction. Paul also noted that he had much better muscular activation directly after traction as opposed to regular exercises on their own. He made sure to keep his extension exercises consistent at home, and directly after using the Thoracic Denneroll.

2 weeks later Paul’s improvements in extension was further improved and we began posterior translation head weighting to assist his ‘mirror image’.

After 11 weeks and 30 traction visits, Paul received his post x-ray (no traction for 3 days) and what showed that he has corrected nearly all the improvements that was present in his post traction x-ray. Well done Paul! His posture is now much more upright and his forward head carriage is almost non-existant. Although his posture had dramatically improved, his quality of life had improved more as he no longer feels the physical strain on his body from his poor posture. Paul can now get through his work day much easier, he has more energy on a daily basis, he is more active outside of work, and he also notes that his outlook on life in general is much better. Simply put, he says “he laughs more” 

Although his post cervical x-ray showed nearly a complete reduction in his forward head carriage, his loss of cervical curve is still present. He is now beginning a Cervical Denneroll traction programme in an attempt to restore his cervical lordosis, of which he is in a much better position to do so as a result of the 
improvement achieved in reducing his thoracic hyper-kyphosis.

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