Scoliroll Immediate Effects

Another post traction x-ray taken within 5 minutes of traction shows the immediate effects of the traction to help determine a possible corrective outcome. The most significant region of her scoliosis was reduced from 33 to 21 degrees immediately posther first corrective care visit.

Also shown is the mirror image traction set up and in-traction x-ray to help see the behavior of the spine during the traction. *Note the over correction during traction

The patient also showed a notable visual change in her visual appearance in regards to thoracic rotation and scapula ‘winging’ on her convexity.

This patient is a 15 year old female with chronic mid thoracic pain on her right side. Although she does not live in the vicinity of my clinic, with the lack of improvements at her local chiropractor, the patient was referred to my clinic to assess the possibility of corrective outcomes. Her symptoms were immediately decreased after the first treatment despite regular previous visits to her local chiropractor. Her local chiropractor then purchased a 3D – Denneroll table and the patient has been improving over the past 3 weeks and is now pain free. She is visiting her local chiropractor 3 x per week and will do so for the next 7 weeks before a re-evaluation x-ray is performed. Due to the patients initial response and age, it was decided that her re-evaluation x-ray would be performed after 10 weeks (30 visits) instead of the standard 36 visit program.

To learn more on the latest about Scoliosis, please enquire to CBP Seminars for Scoliosis Module 2: Mirror Image Bracing and Taping; 15-17 November 2013, at the Ideal Spine Center in Boise Idaho.

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