Reduced Lumbar Curve

A fit, 105 kg (230 lbs) Muay Thai Kick boxer, 29 year old male patient suffering from chronic low back pain on/off for 8 years. His pain had progressed to a daily occurrence, he could no longer train, or compete, and his condition was also stopping him from working long shifts where he spent most days on his feet. He had many years of therapies including chiropractic for only temporary relief.

His worsening condition now threatening his capacity to work is what brought him to my clinic.
With his history I decided to x-ray his spine and I noticed a reduced lumbar curve. I was also surprised he had not had x-rays taken in the past. The Posture Ray programme was so helping in communicating the loss of lordosis.

I prescribed the Lumbar Denneroll with an upper lumbar placement.

Posture Ray’s ability to assess the individual joint angles (RRA’s) was so helpful in determining where the patient needed to improve the lumbar curve, and it is this information that is instrumental in helping me determine whether the patient should use the Denneroll in the upper, or lower lumbar position.

Within 1 week the patient showed improvements and since the end of the second week, the patient was symptom free during his work shifts. He used the lumbar Denneroll daily for 20 minutes and assisted the effects by prone lumbar extension strengthen exercises after each traction session. By 4 weeks, he noted that he felt his lumbar curve had visually improved, and he was back training in the gym with no limitations. His personal trainer is so impressed at his rapid recovery, now refers me his clients for spinal assessments.

As the patient was going on leave for a holiday, I decided to take a re-xray after 6 weeks.

After 8 years of a deteriorating lifestyle, it only took me 5 minutes to take an x-ray, and 5 minutes to perform a report on the Posture Ray programme. The 10 minutes is so worth it to make a difference as shown in this 28 second video below.

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