Post Traction X-Rays

To help determine outcomes, Post Traction x-rays are effective at seeing the initial affect to the spine resulting from your selected traction. If there is a notable positional improvement shown on a neutral x-ray post –traction, this can be considered as fair and reasonable evidence that continued regular traction with supportive exercises for muscular re-training will result in corrective spinal changes.

X-rays performed in-traction (as opposed to post-traction) are more indicative of the behaviour of the spine during traction. In traction x-rays can be helpful in determining the patient’s ideal mirror image traction position, ruling out any contra-indications especially in regards to trauma and instability, and also helpful in scoliosis traction to see if the spine is behaving with normal coupling and the degrees of movement.

The above case shows an x-ray taken 5 minutes post traction using cervical Denneroll traction with a head weight. The immediate improved changes are a strong indication that this patient (and traction position), combined with supportive exercises such as the Pro Lordotic neck exerciser, will result in positive corrective changes.

Also shown are the x-rays with and without the Posture Ray rulings. This highlights how much clearer it is to assess the benefits of the spine toward spinal correction when the Posture Ray markings are shown.

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