Mirror Image Traction

This spinal presentation shown on x-ray reveals:

  • Strong posterior translation of the Thoracic spine. *Note – in addition to the loss of lumbar lordosis, the posterior translation of the trunk is causing hyper-extension of L5-S1

  • Mild upper thoracic hyper-kyphosis starting at T5-6

The mirror image traction using the 3D-Denneroll system is to create:

  • Anterior translation of the trunk and Lordosis in the lumbar spine is achieved by the Lumbar Denneroll and support block for the thoracic spine. *Note any further extension of the L5-S1 is controlled by the strap on the ASIS’s (note the angle of the pulley) to reduce anterior rotation of the pelvis

  • Mild thoracic extension from T5-6 and above is achieved using the peak of the Thoracic Re-trainer at T6

  • Cervical lordosis and posterior head translation is achieved by using the compression extension head strap

  • Alternatives are also shown if the patient cannot tolerate Cervical extension

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