Lumbar Denneroll Effectiveness

A good lumbar lordosis is most beneficial for the saggital balance of the overall spine.

This patient completed the 50 sessions on the user guide over 50 days using the Lumbar Denneroll at home. This pre and post neutral lateral x-rays show the effect
iveness of the lumbar Denneroll.

From this x-ray the lower lumbar spine has experience to most correction which implies the lower lumbar placement of the Denneroll that was used. A slight posterior translation is now noted. A support block can be used under the thoracic spine when using the lumbar Denneroll to minimize posterior translation.

Lumbar extension exercises should always be performed wherever possible to support the effects of the Lumbar Denneroll.

The leg position when using the lumbar Denneroll can altered to vary the extension effect to the lumbar spine. This technique is most commonly used for patient tolerance.

All points are shown in the pictures.

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