Lumbar Curve

Case Report Details: Male who suffered from a 10 yr history of monthly low back pain given temporary relief from chiropractic adjustments. His pain worsening, he can no longer commute to work by bike, nor partake in activities like gym or tennis.

r viewing his x-ray, an overall loss of lumbar curve was diagnosed accompanied by a loss of disc space height at the L5 disc. In addition to his chiropractic care, use of the Lumbar Denneroll was prescribed with lower lumbar Denneroll ‘peak’ placement chosen to focus on the L5 disc area.

*NOTE – this patient is 6.3″ tall but only the MEDIUM Lumbar Denneroll was given due to the patients inflexibility in extension

*NOTE – the L5 DISC SPACE during the use of the Lumbar Denneroll

After 2 weeks of daily Lumbar Denneroll use, the patient was able to commute to work by bike again pain free. After 6 weeks, the patient had return to normal activities without painful limitations. After 10 weeks, a significant improvement of the Lumbar curve is observed on the post x-ray.

The patient kept up with maintenance use (2-3 x wk) of the Lumbar Denneroll for 6 months after his post x-ray and experience no reduction in the quality of life gained from his treatment.

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