3D Denneroll Traction Set Up

This patient was suffering from mid/upper back tension and pain which he noted mostly during his work day, and was finding maintaining a suitable posture very draining. He also told us he could not sleep for long periods as he would wake 2-3 times every night. He had been this way for 5 years. His energy levels were notably poor and his quality of life was suffering. We noted a cervical kyphosis on x-ray which was combined with a loss of thoracic kyphosis. Due to the influence the thoracic spine curvature has on the cervical spine, it was prescribed to use the 3D-Denneroll table in efforts to traction his thoracic spine into an improved kyphosis to help improve the cervical lordosis. The patient found the traction challenging at first but noted a decrease in muscular tension afterwards.

The patient responded well during his care and after 3 weeks was notably sleeping better. His postural tension was also reducing. From his benefits, the patient chose in office traction 2- 3 x per wk whilst using the Cervical Denneroll (lower cervical placement) followed by use of the pro lordotic neck exerciser at home.

After 12 weeks, the patients’ improvements had continued and a re-xray discovered a drastic improvement in his thoracic kyphosis, whilst the cervical kyphosis has also been removed, whilst a reduced cervical lordosis still remained. The patients quality of has drastically improved and he looks forward to continued therapy on the 3D-Denneroll table in his continued spinal health care. Although loss of cervical lordosis still remains, the improvements this patient has received lends evidence to the effect the thoracic spine can have on the cervical spine, and a person’s health.

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